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The Pyong Ahn Institute is currently closed.
There are no classes scheduled or planned at this time.
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Pyong Ahn Institute is a Soo Bahk DoŽ Martial Arts school affiliated with the New Paltz Arts Community that can enhance, or bring out your child’s athletic ability and encourage leadership, courage, concentration and humility. For adults it's a great workout and can enhance quality time in a family. Soo Bahk Do is a ancient Korean Art of techniques that are both soft and hard. Classes are taught by Master Luke Lyons and senior members.

Soo Bahk DoŽ was developed by the Moo Duk Kwan, the East's oldest, largest private, not-for-profit martial arts school. The curriculum has been under development for over 60 years. Our program stresses scholarship, leadership and a unique philosophy that improves success in family, school and work. Respect for elders and those weaker, attention to detail, honesty, courage, concentration and humility are the essence of our program.
Our Student Creed
We will strive to think and act
with confidence, discipline,
perseverance, integrity,
respect, self-control,
decisiveness, and patience,
to form good habits that help develop
a strong character and a positive destiny.

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A United States Soo Bahk DoŽ Moo Duk Kwan Federation Certified Karate School.

Pyong Ahn Institute is affiliated with the Arts Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cultural activities in our community for over 25 years.

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